Paul Cullen Archive

R/P/M: The Off-Centre Revolutions of Paul Cullen

By: Ruth Watson

r/p/m: Paul Cullen, split/fountain publishing, 2011

"r/p/m is a sculpture made from a few simple components: a lime-green bucket minus its handle, a retro Formica table with spindly legs, an electric motor with a nicely fat and yellow electric cable trailing down a table leg, off to a power source. The bucket is upended over the motor that is installed on the tabletop, sporting a gadget (unseen, unidentified) that causes the bucket to move in a circular path around part of the table. The bucket’s contact with the table’s surface generates a noise that is a softer, muffled version of nails on blackboard. The modesty of these items, combined with the wobbly movement, sound and jaunty colour, belie links with histories of western science. Unassuming objects are drawn into service for an ongoing investigation into the qualities of and expectations about objects and Cullen’s reflections on cultural and material notions of circulation."

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